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Future cars - the era of electric intelligence

Future cars - the era of electric intelligence


As one of the cores of the new round of smart electric vehicle development, the current new concepts such as "carbon neutrality", "autonomous driving", and "smart cockpit" are constantly expanding people's imagination boundaries for travel. Put forward new requirements for the upstream and downstream of the Internet of Vehicles industry chain such as OEMs, technology and service providers, and technology platforms. How to integrate advantages, expand new industrial opportunities, and capture development opportunities under the wave of automotive intelligence and electrification has become a topic for joint consideration by vehicle companies, intelligent technology service providers, and parts and components companies.


Since the birth of mankind, it has been highly dependent on natural energy to promote its own survival and development. When human society entered the industrial revolution, human reliance on natural energy (mainly fossil energy) has become even more severe, so that human society is facing a huge climate crisis. The standard of the future automobile is "New Four Modernizations + Sustainability". Based on this judgment, the automobile industry should not indulge in a certain so-called new technology, but should introduce a set of systematic transportation solutions that adapt to the future global environment and new travel scenarios for human beings.

 A pattern has emerged in the history of automobiles: helping to solve environmental problems is the prerequisite for long-term survival and development of automobile companies. At present, all automobile-related companies are working hard to define what a new car will look like. To be sure, smart and green (sustainable) must be the core defining elements. On the road to sustainability, there is no option to step back. As the country with the highest carbon emissions in the world, my country is actively implementing the long-term goals set out in the Paris Agreement, and has proposed plans for "carbon peaking" in 2030 and "carbon neutrality" in 2060 more than once. In fact, in the process of accelerating the global carbon neutralization process in China, “sustainable development, low-carbon products” will become an important part of the definition of luxury cars themselves, and GJ bush Factory will also be deeply involved.



Intelligence becomes the core key to future cars

As the entire industry proposes to transform to electrification and intelligence, auto companies need to shape disruptive changes at the level of intelligence. A number of automobile companies announced that in the future, they will reshape the standards of smart electric vehicles from five areas: zero collision, central computing, battery and power, future connected experience, and future design.

The problems solved by intelligence are mainly concentrated on two aspects, one is safety, and the other is efficiency." Data shows that human factors account for 95% of traffic accidents, and safety has become the primary problem for intelligent solutions. On the other hand, Traffic accidents will affect road traffic efficiency. "Intelligent cars will know the road conditions in advance through interconnected facilities, so that they can make timely adjustments to vehicles and improve traffic efficiency through pre-adjustment.

The standard of a smart car is not just smart hardware. The coupling and decoupling between software and hardware is the key to testing the smart technology of auto companies. At the level of automotive software, operating logic, openness, and underlying computing power constrain the user experience. Users often encounter the embarrassment that "car phones" are inferior to "mobile phones." It has a higher degree of openness and integration advantages, realizes the concentration of computing power, and greatly reduces the complexity of the system. The new electronic architecture fundamentally determines how far and fast smart cockpits and autonomous driving can go, efficiently solve the black hole of computing power and bandwidth limitations, and efficiently realize functional safety and network security. Today’s automotive industry is “intelligent”, With the general trend of "connected" travel, many auto companies have increased their investment in this sector. It is worth noting that the future of travel will not only be limited to providing products, but will focus more on the travel experience, so that everyone can enjoy high-quality services brought by technology and intelligence. Connecting everything with cars is the real future smart-connected mobile space.

     Product + service is the magic weapon for future cars

At present, more and more consumers realize that in the future, cars have transformed from simply selling products to "product + service", which includes a lifetime warranty of parts. For a luxury car product to dare to propose a lifetime warranty for parts and components, this requires first of all confidence in the quality of their parts; secondly, confidence in their after-sales service system.

   GJ Bush Factory has sufficient technology and experience to provide OEM chassis parts for future automobiles. We will keep up with the pace of change in the automotive industry and manufacture rubber bushings that make consumers feel at ease and comfortable in many fields.

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