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In 2020, we seize the opportunity of auto parts market growth

In 2020, we seize the opportunity of auto parts market growth


Now in the tough year for auto parts market, but the recovery continues. Nanchang GJ Bush Factory’s recovery has also gone smoothly to date. With the market share increasing every month, with no disruptions, our growth will be ahead of the market in 2020. Our company’s core brands performed well under pressure. We even saw the best ever performance since its inception. The cooperation with China leaf spring OEM factories achieved 20% growth. At the same time, more and more worldwide leading leaf spring groups and control arm groups cooperated with us, indicating great potential for coming years.

Nanchang GJ Bush factory has the ambition to become the world’s leading automotive suspension system solution company. We are always in pursuit of continuous update of existing products and technologies, to provide our clients with best products, more efficient and rapid service, delivery. At the same time, GJ Bush are also constantly in new areas of active development. The engine mount products are complex in structure and have higher technical requirements. We have developed these products from 2018. We will continue to develop new products in the future and strive to provide our customers with one-stop and efficient service.


Due to the rapid and good development of our enterprise in recent years, we have prepared a new plant and NVH laboratory (total 27000 ) located in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, which is expected to be completed and start to serve more OEM markets and after-sales markets in December this year. We have purchased advanced production equipment, such as Automatic vulcanizing machine, Robot arm, High efficiency cutting machine, A range of product testing equipment and so on. And will have our own phosphating production line, which will greatly save time and cost.


Such results are only achievable with teamwork and strong partnerships! Better than OE quality and our reasonable price are the reason why we get more opportunities. With the upcoming events in the rest months of the year, we can’t wait to see our business enter its next phase.


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