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5 Signs you need to replace Engine Mount

5 Signs you need to replace Engine Mount


The engine mount is the part that fixes the engine in the car. They are usually a component that has rubber and metal parts. In most cars, the engine and gearbox are bolted together and fixed in place by three or four mounting brackets. Each car will have two or three engine mounts and one or two gearbox mounts. The function of the engine mount is not only to fix the engine in place but also to reduce the engine vibration felt inside the car, to ensure that things do not move more than intended.


The most common problems with engine mounts are rubber parts cracking or separation.


5 Signs of bad Engine Mount


1. Excessive noise

The most common symptom of bad engine mount is noise from the engine. Worn engine mount often cause noises around it/in the engine compartment. This is because the engine moves more frequently than normal and comes into contact with other components, causing the impact sound to become very noticeable. Please pay attention to any strange sounds, because it clearly shows that something is wrong.


2. Stronger vibrations

If there is a sudden increase in vibration and noise, it is likely that the engine bracket needs to be replaced. The damping effect of the engine bracket may be weakened, which will allow the vibration and noise from the engine to be transmitted to the cabin through the chassis. Therefore, if you encounter this situation, please check your car.


3. Engine is moving

One of the key functions of the engine mount is to maintain the correct alignment/positioning of the engine. A worn mounting frame will cause the engine to move in all directions. When you accelerate and the engine vibrates more violently, usually, you will hear some impact. This may result in a lack of safety in the car cabin. It may also cause damage to other vulnerable parts of the car.


4. Visual wear and tear

There is no obvious damage that you can see to the engine mount. However, if you see small cracks, it is likely to damage the engine mount. In addition, if you find any cracks or peeling on the rubber parts, it may seriously affect the performance of the vehicle.


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