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Why electric vehicles will be development trend?

Why electric vehicles will be development trend?


Climate issues are receiving increasing attention from around the world. Many countries around the world have pledged to achieve "carbon neutrality" by 2050 or 2060, that is, achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. As the most important means of land transportation at present, automobiles are an important entry point for achieving energy conservation and emission reduction. This also means that the development of the new energy automobile industry is an important part of achieving the goal of "carbon neutrality".

From the perspective of development trends, our country's new energy vehicles have entered a stage of innovation driven by both market and policy. From January to September 2020, new energy vehicles have completed a very beautiful V-shaped growth, and new energy vehicle products have become more and more diversified. More importantly, the entire industry has received high attention from the capital, and the market value of the new energy vehicle industry's rapid growth has promoted the influx of various cross-border investments.

Under the development trend of new energy, traditional car companies are transforming into the new energy field, and new forces in car manufacturing have sprung up like bamboo shoots after rain. The deep integration of automobiles with information communication, big data, and artificial intelligence is already an important highlight of the auto show's new energy theme. 

In the process of technological innovation boosting the development of the industry, the automobile industry is characterized by its large scale, high industrial relevance, and long supply chain. Under the dual blessings of high technology and capital, it is electrified, intelligent, and networked. Unbearable. Among them, as a product of the in-depth integration of the automotive industry with new-generation information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, new energy and intelligent networked vehicles are in a stage of rapid technology introduction and rapid industrial development, which has become an acceleration of deep industrial transformation. The booster is seizing the commanding heights of future industrial development. 

Electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing have become new trends in the development of the automotive industry. The advancement of software technology will bring tremendous changes to the automotive industry and comprehensively promote the upgrade and development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles.

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