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Electrophoresis Process

Electrophoresis Process


Electrophoresis Process


Electrophoresis process is one of the auto parts process, it is usually an important part of Strut mount, the following briefly introduces some steps involved in electrophoresis.


The electrophoresis process involves the following steps:

1. Spray hot water washing, mainly to increase the surface temperature of the product, and do a preliminary cleaning of the product.

2.3 times Degreasing, removing oil, impurities, and particles on the surface of the product, so that the ultrasonic physical decontamination can clean the surface of the product more effectively.

3.2 times Spray water washes to clean the residual chemicals in the previous process to avoid pollution to the next process.

4. Spray meter adjustment to provide crystallization origin for phosphating. Speed up the phosphating process.

5. Soaking and phosphating will cause chemical reaction on the surface of the product to form phosphating crystals and improve paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

6. 3 times spray pure water washing and immersion ultrasonic pure water washing to remove surface phosphating solution and phosphating residue.

7. Electrophoresis, the product is a cathode, which needs to attract the positively charged paint particles in the paint solution to improve the performance of the paint film and have excellent corrosion resistance.

8.2 times Wash with pure water to clean the residual paint of the product.

9. Curing, rapid curing of the paint through high temperature, strengthening the firmness of the paint, and ensuring the gloss of the paint.


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