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Plate is a material of our bi-metal products. We generally use JF 850+663 copper powder to roll 5*10 oil pockets. In addition, different plate is applied to strut mounting.

First, the bi-metal sheet is the process of blanking, bending, shaping, and chamfering according to the size requirements of the bi-metal bush.

Secondly, the board is also used for the strut mount. Cutting, stamping, and other processes.

Cutting includes cutting machine cutting, punch cutting, CNC cutting, and laser cutting. We generally use the punch press for blanking. 

The cutting of the shearing machine uses the length and width dimensions of the expanded drawing of the shearing machine, with punching and corner cutting, and then turning the punching machine combined with the die to punch and cut corners to form.

Punch blanking is the use of a punch to punch the unfolded plate structure on the plate in one or more steps, and its advantages are time-consuming, short and high efficiency.

CNC blanking requires programming firstly, and use programming to compile the drawn unfolding diagram into content that can be recognized by the CNC machine tool, and let it automatically punch out the structure and shape of its flat parts.

Laser blanking is the use of laser cutting to cut the structure and shape of the flat piece on an iron plate.

The stamping process generally includes punching and blanking, punching convex hull, punching and tearing, punching, bending, etc. to achieve the purpose of the process. Corresponding molds are required to complete the operation. For punching convex hulls, there are convex molds, and for punching and tearing, there are tear forming molds.

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