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Engine mount’s role in the auto engine system

Engine mount’s role in the auto engine system


Auto engine is the engine system of the car, which is responsible for the driving. The protection of auto engines is also very important. The engine bracket plays an important fixing role, so that the engine is stable and will not fall off during the driving.


So what types of engine mounts are there?


There are two types of engine mounts: rubber engine mount and hydraulic engine mount. Most engine mounts use rubber bushings, which can absorb auto engine’s vibration. The rubber bushing is loosely fixed to the engine housing, allowing it to move in the engine room. The hydraulic engine bracket has two liquid-filled chambers, leaving a gap between the two to reduce the vibration of the engine. When the engine vibrates, it takes a certain amount of time and energy for the liquid in one chamber to completely flow to the other chamber, which helps reduce the vibration of the engine. Their shape and function are very similar to those of suspension shock absorbers.


The engine bracket is used to fix the engine and buffer the engine vibration during the driving of the car. When a cold car starts to shift the rear gear, the engine shakes, or the engine shakes on certain bumpy roads during driving, it means that the rubber mount needs to be replaced. After replacing the rubber mount, you will find that the rubber pad is already separated from the metal connection, and it cannot buffer the vibration of the engine. Over time, the screw parts of the engine will easily loosen due to the vibration, and causing driving hazards.

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