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Why suspension bushings are so important?

Why suspension bushings are so important?

 Today we will talk about the function of the suspension rubber bushings

Is it workable if no rubber bushings?


In fact, the initial purpose of the invention of rubber parts on automobiles is inseparable from "buffering vibration isolation." For automotive suspension system, the source of vibration is the road surface. The undulation of the road surface acts on the wheels and then transmitted to the automobile body through the suspension system. In the suspension system, there are two paths for vibration transmission: one is the spring and shock absorber, and the other is the control arm of the suspension system. No matter how well the spring and shock absorber are done, they cannot stop the vibration, so something like rubber bushing appears.

What if there is no rubber bushing?


First of all, people will be shaken up and uncomfortable. Actually springs and shock absorbers will deal with a lot vibration for large road undulation , but there is still slight vibrations that make people feel numb and will be transmitted to our body.

Second, it will be noisy. Various noises, such as "crunches" and "chuckles", will appear, and even the interior will become looser under long-term vibration.


Furthermore, the lifetime of the suspension will be much shorter. A car with rubber bushings can withstand 100,000 kilometers of durability.


Finally, the car will become difficult to drive. In a car without a bushing, if the steering wheel is turned faster, it will feel like being kicked abruptly from the side, and the response of the car will become much more faster. For ordinary drivers, we don't want the car to react so fast, but rather slower, which can make people feel more comfortable and relaxed.


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