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Vulcanization of rubber bushing

Vulcanization of rubber bushing


The rubber bushing is made of seamless steel pipe and rubber. The surface is firmly adhered by molding and vulcanization. It has a high-strength, high-constant elongation, and high-elasticity dumbbell-shaped rubber layer. The outer surface is then added with an outer metal thick sleeve, and the inner tube core is loaded into a large-scale specified vehicle. The bolt is used on the frame becomes a rubber bushing assembly.

Now we will talk about the vulcanization process in the rubber process of the rubber bushing.

1. vulcanization is a key process in the manufacture of rubber bushings. It determines the success of the rubber bushing. If the vulcanization is not done well, the product will fail. At the same time, it can also engrave the words that customers need on it to meet customer needs.

2. vulcanization mainly includes four stages, including vulcanization induction, pre-sulfurization, normal vulcanization and over-sulfurization. Each stage has its own characteristics. Before vulcanization, during vulcanization, and after vulcanization, their structure and performance will change. The selection and determination of vulcanization conditions generally refer to the three elements of vulcanization, namely the pressure, temperature, and time of vulcanization. And there are many new methods of vulcanization, A. Nitrogen vulcanization B. Microwave vulcanization C. Electron beam vulcanization D. Ultrasonic curing E. The technology of variable temperature,vulcanization is improving and getting better.

In short, only by controlling the pressure, temperature, and time can the vulcanization process be completed and the qualified rubber bushing can be completed. The good vulcanization process is indispensable for the good rubber bushing. The vulcanization process is very important. Our vulcanization process is also quite acceptable.And our price is also very good. Welcome to consult our rubber bushings.

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