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5 Signs You Need to Replace Worn Engine Mounts

5 Signs You Need to Replace Worn Engine Mounts


engine mountings are composed of rubber and steel with two functions. First,it fixes the engine and transmission to the frame of the car. Second,it absorbs the road-shocks and engine vibrations to make the driver not feel any engine swing.

How Do I Know That The Engine Mounts Needs To Be Replaced?

Step 1: The wear phenomenon is obvious

You need to check your car parts often, if you find that the rubber part of the engine mount has obvious cracks, bending deformation, decay, which is to remind you that you need to pay attention to timely replacement signals.

Step 2: the vehicle vibration is frequent.

If you find that your car vibrates excessively, especially when accelerating, the vibration sounds are louder, and you can also hear a very strange noise, which is the reason for the damage of the engine mount.

Step 3: Strange noises

When you hear a strange sound under the engine, such as a banging noise or a crash, it is usually a problem with the engine mount, causing it to collide with other parts of the car.

Step 4: The vehicle is unusually bumpy

Generally, when the road is uneven, there are potholes or mountain roads, the vehicle will have bumps. However, when you find that you are driving at a high speed or on a flat road, the vehicle will also have bumps, and even you will feel that the vehicle seems to have hit something, and the driving is very uneven, generally this is also a problem with the engine mount and needs to be replaced.

Step 5: Engine shift

When you accelerate, turn or brake hard, you will find that your engine has a feeling of moving up and down left and right, or is only inclined to one side, one of the engine mount replacement conditions is asymmetrical.

What Are The Causes Of Engine Mounts Wear?

Step 1: not installed

The engine mount installation is not complicated, some owners will install themselves, the engine mount installation is not appropriate, it is easy to wear, affecting the service life, all must find professional maintenance personnel to help you replace.

Step 2: rubber aging

We all know that the engine mount is made of rubber, but this rubber material for a long time, it is easy to wear, crack, corrosion, etc., rubber elasticity will become worse.

Step 3: Improper driving

If your car is often in an accident, or driving more ferocious, frequent emergency braking, or driving in poor road conditions is also more urgent will lead to the hole machine bracket is worn.

Step 4: There is a leak

If you find that your engine mount has a leak, it should be taken to a repair shop in time to check.

Step 5: A traffic accident occurs

The car was hit by a traffic accident, many people think that the surface looks like the serious phenomenon of being hit, in fact, the most serious damage and wear is the parts inside the auto parts, because the car after a strong impact, the parts inside will be affected.

What Will Happen If The Worn Engine Mounts Is Not Replaced In Time?

No matter how good the quality of your engine is and how good the brand is used, the engine bracket will wear out after use, and if it is not replaced in time, it will cause great safety hazards to your driving.

Step 1: Driving risk

If you continue to drive the worn engine bracket, it is easy to fall off, affecting the fall off or even break caused by the wear of other parts on the car, and it is easy to have a traffic failure during your driving.

Step 2: Damage to other car parts

We all know that all parts on the car are one, if one of them is worn out, it will affect the normal use of other parts.

Step 3: Engine mount is damaged

Damaged engine mount is easy to appear in the position of the offset, generally driving at high speed or speed is most obvious, you will find that your car engine will be very uncontrolled movement.

Can The Engine Mounts Be Broken?

Engine failure may still be able to persist, but it is likely to be suddenly forced to stop on the side of the road to wait for rescue. And the engine mount is broken, if not replaced in time, the longer the open time, the higher the degree of bad, if the engine mount is completely useless, forced to stop driving, then the problem will be very serious, may affect the car's engine and transmission system. Originally, you only need to replace the cost of a little engine support, but at this time you need to pay a large repair cost, do not underestimate the engine support is only a small part of the car, like a pile of oranges, which is broken, if not handled in time, other oranges will be broken.

How Long Is The Engine Mounts Life?

The life of the general engine mount is about 5 to 10 years, but it depends on your usual driving conditions, of course, and the quality is also related. GJBUSHSteel using metal materials,Long service life made of imported rubber,Toperevent easy leakage of products hydraulic oil rubber skin rupture. By incorporating hydraulic damping and sophisticated materials, the engine mount significantly reduces vibrations and enhances driving comfort. engine mount also plays a crucial role in protecting the suspension.

Do I Need To Replace All The Engine Mounts At Once?

A car usually has 4 engine mounts, if one of the engine mounts is broken, need to replace all the engine mounts at once? I think it's necessary. Why? Because you only replace one of the engine supports, you may feel that there is no difference in normal driving, but the other several engine supports and the replacement of this wear degree is not the same, it is easy to affect its life, and if it is driving at high speed or in poor road conditions, it may suddenly affect normal driving, resulting in vehicle damage. Also, the life of each engine bracket is about the same, if one of them is broken, then the others are also near the end of life time.


The above point of view is only a suggestion and reference, for your safety when driving, it is recommended that you regularly send your car to the repair shop for inspection and maintenance, regular regular and maintenance can not only improve driving safety, but also extend the life time of the car. Of course, if you want to learn about auto parts, you can consult the technicians of GJBUSH, who have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing auto parts.

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