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Shock Absorbers Explained

Shock Absorbers Explained


GJBUSH shock absorber stability and cushioning effect are very good, can ensure the smooth driving of the car, improve passenger comfort and driver safety

1. Adapting hard chrome plated piston rod and special sealing element, it can have a long and stable efficiency.

2. It is of self-regulation function pressure and keep a soft shock absorbing effect with the variety of the impact  velocity and weight of object.

3. Seamless steel, micro cracking rod,  smooth welding position and natural rubber bushing make genuine quality shock absorber.

How shock absorbers work

When the car is driving in bad road conditions, the shock absorber spring will be pressed down or stretched, the piston in the shock absorber will keep up and down, left and right swing, the oil in the shock absorber will flow repeatedly inside, and the inner wall will keep rubbing and rolling, thus forming a damping force. When the car is about to end, the damping force is relatively small, then the shock absorber gives full play to the elastic role, alleviates the impact brought by the road surface, and makes the car stop smoothly. When the car is driving in the pothole section, the wheel goes down, the damping force of the shock absorber will increase, and the shock is rapidly absorbed to reduce the impact of the road surface.

Type of shock absorber

Common shock absorbers are generally hydraulic shock absorbers, off-road shock absorbers, air shock absorbers and truck shock absorbers

Hydraulic shock absorbers
The most common and common on the market, many cars use hydraulic shock absorbers, which look like a gun.

Off-road shock absorber
Looks like a coil type, common in SUV

Looks like a coil type, common in SUV

Air shock absorber

with air bag, generally suitable for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other famous cars

Truck shock absorber
suitable for large cars and trucks

We have more product pictures, if you need to know, you can initiate an inquiry, contact us and send it to you

The difference between shock absorption and suspension

1. Different functions. The suspension supports the body and reduces the vibration of the car. The shock absorber is the effect of damping the shock when the car is driving to a bumpy road.

2. Different structure. Suspension includes shock absorber, spring, bushing, top glue, tie rod ball head, stabilizer rod and other auto parts. The shock absorber consists of a spring and damping force.

3. Different designs. The suspension structure is simple, light weight, small space, fast response speed and rebound speed, so the shock absorption ability is very strong. The shock absorber will bounce after the car shocks back and forth, but the spring cost is low and the load-bearing capacity is strong.

GJBUSH is a professional shock absorber manufacturer, all products are high-precision manufacturing, 100% noise testing, 100% size measurement, 100% size appearance inspection, support customization, we have a professional technical department, skilled production department, as well as experienced QC department, to ensure that every product is qualified after completion, can be shipped to our customers.

GJBUSH shocks are manufactured to original OEM specifications. GJBUSH struts and shock absorbers are not tuning,  but a quality replacement for original parts with additional improvements. The stems of GJBUSH shock absorbers have  micro-notches that help lubricate the stem packing. This extends the life of the oil seal and the entire shock absorber.  Shock absorbers are guaranteed for 12 months. Wherever you bought or installed a part,  within a year you have the right to return it by simply providing him with a receipt or other document confirming the  purchase date and price. Even if you are not a certified auto mechanic and installed the part yourself in your garage,  just keep your purchase receipt and, if a problem arises,  you can always return the part. GJBUSH is a global brand of auto parts, components and consumables.

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