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Symptoms of Worn Shock Absorbers

Symptoms of Worn Shock Absorbers


Many people will be very confused and ask: how do you know that your shock absorber is wearing? For example, just like the shoes you wear on your feet every day, suddenly one day you find that you are wearing very uncomfortable, there is a phenomenon of wear, the same way that the shock absorber is also a truth, the phenomenon of wear is a slow process.

What's the difference between the shocks and struts.

shocks is not only to keep the car running smoothly, but more importantly to help and maintain the control of the vehicle, the shocks is an independent part, and the struts is the shock absorber and other characteristics combined in a unit to work, but they have a common feature: all help to stabilize the vehicle movement, keep the tire in contact with the road.

What are the signs of replacement wear on the shocks or struts?

Steering accuracy, parking performance and vehicle stability are reduced, body shaking, in-car vibration, impact sound, loud noise, etc., but what specific symptoms are the need to replace the shocks or struts?

1. Brake failure.   When you hit the brakes, the front of the car quickly tilts to the ground, and it feels like it is going to flip forward, which is a shock absorber shocks and a wear of the struts.

2. Abnormal turbulence.  When you find that your car will feel a little bumpy even on the flat road, or it will encounter a little bumpy road, excessive turbulence, indicating that the shock absorber impact and the struts can not work effectively, there is a wear phenomenon.

3.The steering wheel vibrates.   When you find that you are driving on a flat road, the steering wheel of the car vibrates, or it makes an abnormal business when turning the steering wheel, it is also the shock absorber shocks or the struts is worn.

4.Unstable driving.   When you are driving on the highway and you find that the car is not smooth, a little up and down, you need to pay attention to the shock absorber shocks or whether the struts is wearing.

5.Accelerate out of control.   When you suddenly accelerate and find that the back of your car drops sharply while the front does rise, or when you step on the gas, the rear of the car drops excessively, this is when the shock absorber or the struts is not working and needs to be replaced.

6.Tire wear.   Shocks or struts wear, will make the car tire in the process of driving can not be firmly on the road, will lead to tire and road contact wear, which does not contact with the road tire will produce uneven wear, need to be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise there is a great safety risk.

7.the tire has a jump.   When you accidentally hit a pothole, the car will bounce, making the road less durable.

8. Mileage check.  When your car has traveled a lot of kilometers or the car itself is relatively old, you need to check your car parts more, because over time, every part of the car will be worn and corroded, this is not only referring to shock shock or struts, there are other car parts, it is generally recommended that the car travel to 50,000 kilometers need to be checked.

9.Turn unbalance.  When you suddenly turn or change lanes, you will find that your body may be tilted to one side, many people think that this is a tire problem, of course, this does not rule out the possibility, when you find that the tire is no problem, you need to pay attention to the possibility of shock absorber impact or struts problems.

10.shock absorber or shock external oil leakage.   When you find an oil leak on the outside of your shock absorber or strut, it may be a shocks or struts wear that causes the seal to fail.

What happens when the shocks is hit or the struts is worn and not replaced in time?

shocks or struts is an important tool to maintain the balance of the vehicle, when one or two of the problems are not replaced in time, it is easy to cause vehicle damage or accidents, this injury is quite expensive.

How to choose the right purchase shocks and struts?

Generally, replacing the shocks or struts may be more troublesome, but choosing a new shock absorber will be relatively easy.   But which shock absorber is better?   You can consult the local repair shop professionals, or you can contact the GJBUSH professional technical staff.

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