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Shocks vs Struts vs Coilovers

Shocks vs Struts vs Coilovers


        Shock absorber Shocks, Struts, Coilovers these three are car suspension systems, are in the car driving process to play a smooth role.

        Shocks are the cylinder in the middle of the shock absorber, commonly known as "shock absorber", which only produces damping force, used to inhibit the excess rebound generated by the spring at work, play a role in slowing down the excess vibration, and can also eliminate the shock and impact caused by uneven road surface.

        Struts not only produces damping force, but also is part of the suspension structure of the car, and plays the function of positioning the wheel position, which is suitable for the McPherson pillar suspension.

        What is a Coilovers? What is the function of the Coilovers?

        Coilovers is an important part of the car suspension system, is the combination of shock absorber spring and shock, this combination design can improve the car's ride comfort and damping rate, especially for some professional racing drivers, they usually like to choose this Coilovers to fine-tune the performance of the vehicle, because the Coilovers is very high.

        Coilovers vs Shock Absorber

        Adjustability: The Coilovers is more adjustability than the shock absorber, which can adjust the driving height and damping Settings more accurately, so that your driving experience is better.

        Ride Quality: The Coilovers is generally installed between the wheel and the frame, which can make the car shock absorber better absorb the vibration and shock of the road, while the Shock Absorber better supports the weight of the body and provides the car with smooth driving.

        Cost: The price of the Coilovers is usually more expensive than the shock absorber, mainly because of the high adjustability of the coil.

        Performance: Coilovers tuning processing characteristics are high, by the majority of users like and welcome

        Coilovers vs Struts

        Adjustable: The Coilovers is adjustable for driving ride height and damping Settings. The Struts is fixed to the driving height and is not adjustable

        Installation: The installation of the Coilovers is more complicated, because it can be adjusted in various ways. The installation of Struts is simple.

        Popularity: The Coilovers is favored by the majority of car users and race drivers, while the Struts is generally used as inventory

        Coilovers vs Spring

        The design is different: the Coilovers is a coil spring and shock absorber integrated into one unit. The Spring is generally installed between the wheel and the frame, making the car shock absorber better absorb the vibration and shock of the road surface, and better support the weight of the body.

        Adjustable: The Coilovers can adjust the ride height and damping Settings. The Spring is not adjustable.

        Cost: Coilovers cost more to replace than Springs

        Ride quality: The Coilovers can automatically adjust the damping force according to road conditions and driving speed, while the Spring can only provide a fixed elasticity

        What's the difference between a Shocks and a Struts? Is it the same thing?

        The Struts and the Shocks look a little similar, but they are not the same thing, the Shocks is also known as the shock absorber, mainly responsible for eliminating the uneven road caused by vibration and shock, and the Struts is a more complex component, it can not only provide structural support, but also help to damp the setting

        Shocks vs Struts

        Different configurations: The Struts are components of the suspension structure that support the part of the vehicle's weight. Shocks is only the part responsible for damping alone.

        Complexity: The Struts is an integrated design, so it is more complex, and the replacement cost is high. Shocks is a common design, simple, low replacement cost.

        Adjustability: Shocks are rarely adjustability and Struts can be fine-tuned.

        Function: To control the turbulence and vibration of the vehicle during Shocks, the Struts is to support the weight of the car part and the damping setting

        Design: The Shocks is a separate component and the Strut is integrated into the suspension system

        Cost: Shocks replacement is easy and low cost, Struts replacement cost is high, due to the complexity of the structure, additional labor costs need to be paid

        It is very important to distinguish between Shocks, Struts and Coilovers, which are all three suspension systems, and the suspension system world is also very complex, as a driver, if you want to improve the driving performance and comfort of the car, you can learn more through GJBUSH

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