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Oil prices push hybrid vehicles into the fast lane

Oil prices push hybrid vehicles into the fast lane


Recently, the international situation has become increasingly severe, and the global economy has also been affected to a certain extent. The prices of crude oil and other commodities have fluctuated dramatically, and oil prices have hit again violently, which has virtually affected the lives of ordinary people. Fluctuations in oil prices affect all aspects, which directly affect many car owners. The rise in oil prices has made consumers who drive frequently to have new thinking when purchasing a car, resulting in the continuous change in the structure of the automobile market, accelerating the transition to energy-saving and new energy vehicles.


Since last year, the commonly used No. 92 gasoline has changed from the "6 yuan" era to the "7 yuan" era to the "8 yuan" era, which makes consumers more and more concerned about the issue of how many kilometers a tank of fuel can drive, especially in under the current international situation, the soaring oil price has caused consumers to pay unprecedented attention to automobile energy saving and new energy vehicles.


Some young consumers are choosing new energy vehicles. Since the beginning of this year, pure electric vehicles have continued to maintain rapid growth. However, behind the rapid growth, new energy vehicle companies are facing greater cost pressure this year, mainly due to the sharp rise in the prices of core raw materials such as lithium and nickel for power batteries. To this end, many new energy vehicle companies have joined the price hike this year. However, due to the shortage of power batteries, some new energy vehicle companies failed to deliver vehicles on time while raising prices, which caused dissatisfaction or complaints from consumers.


Therefore, hybrid vehicles are considered to have a larger market opportunity and are ushering in a new round of growth. In the future, the electrification power scheme may be differentiated, and the market weight of hybrid vehicles will increase. This is mainly because the battery cost of hybrid vehicles is lower than that of pure electric vehicles, and compared with traditional fuel vehicles. In other words, it can effectively dilute the cost pressure of consumer vehicles brought about by rising oil prices.


In recent years, governments in many places have successively introduced a series of measures to boost the automobile consumption market, release consumer demand, and vigorously promote the use of energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles. Under the superposition of multiple factors such as rising oil prices and active policy guidance, the popularity of hybrid vehicles is accelerating. The sales volume of various types of hybrid vehicles in China is expected to reach the level of annual sales of 10 million units in the future.


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