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World Best Selling Pick Up Truck Models

World Best Selling Pick Up Truck Models


Pick up trucks are an important part of the automotive market. Pick up characterized by both sedan-like comfort and strong power, and is stronger than the car's cargo capacity and ability to adapt to poor road surfaces. The most common on the market are standard two-row pick up and economy (SUV) van pick up. As the scale of modification enthusiasts expands, pick up modification has become more and more popular among modification enthusiasts. Pick up trucks are very popular in the United States, South America and other regions.

The world best selling Pick up models, the undiscussed market leader remains the Ford F-Series, which hit the milestone of 1 million sales in 2017. US and Canada represent 98% of total sales. In second place we have the Ram Pick-Up -up 1 spot- selling 649,297 units (10.6% share), overtaking the Chevrolet Silverado with 616,559 units sold (10% share). In fourth place the king of the desert, the Toyota Hilux, with 529,080 sales (8.6% share). Differently from the previous three models, the Hilux sales are distributed over 140 different markets, dominating entire areas in Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Ford Ranger in fifth place with 367,507 sales (6% share) and the GMC Sierra with 316,512 units (5.2% share), followed by the Toyota Tacoma with 288,663 sales (4.7% share) and the Isuzu D-Max with 265,311 units (4.3% share) sold. In ninth place we have the Great Wall Wingle 5 with 135,786 units (2.2% share) followed by the Fiat Strada entering the leaderboard by jumping 3 spots with 115,750 units sold (1.9% share).

The above is the sales data for the world statistics, but the popular models in different countriesare different. For example, the most popular Pickup truck models in the United States are Ford F-Series Pickup, Ram Pickup, Chevrolet Silverado Pickup, GMC Sierra pickup.


For Peru, the most popular pickup truck models are Toyota Hilux HIACE, RAM Pickup 2500, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado.


For Mexico, they are Toyota Hilux, GMC Sierra 1500, Nissan NP 300, FORD F-150, FORD F-350, Honda RT Pickup, Toyota TACOMA Pickup, chevrolet Silverado.


For Brazil, they are FORD F-Series, FORD Ranger ,NISSAN FRONTIER SL, Nissan NAVARA Pickup.


For Chile, according to statistics, the popular pickup models in 2021 are Chevrolet, Suzuki, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen. In addition to these well-known brand models, it is worth noting that Chinese manufacturing is hot in the South American market, of which Chery ranks fifth with a share of 5.9%. Chery Tiggo 2 and another is a Chinese made car Chevrolet Groove aka Baojun 510. This is by far the most popular in Chile. The five best-selling SUVs in Chile this year are all made in China.

China is the largest automobile market in the world. As the product level of Chinese pickup trucks is improving day by day, they not only flourish in the domestic market, but also start to shine in overseas markets. Popular pickups abroad include Foton Tunland, Great Wall P-Series, The Great Wall Cannon, JAC T8, JMC Tiger, Maxus T70 / LDV T70, Maxus Bull T90, etc. More and more consumers choose pickup trucks, China's market and policies are also changing. In order to promote outdoor sports and domestic tourism, some cities and local governments have gradually relaxed restrictions on pickup trucks. The pickup truck market in China is still in its early stages and has huge potential. We do not rule out the possibility that China will become the largest pickup market in the future.


Whether you choose a car or a pickup truck, your comfort and safety depend on the good functioning of suspension parts. Good suspension provide a quiet and smooth ride. Generally, pickup truck suspension components are prone to wear and tear. GJ bush factory is a professional manufacturer of suspension parts, we always provide OEM quality suspension parts such as shock absorbers and bushings, leaf spring bushings, engine mounts, control arms.

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