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RV camping hot in tourism

RV camping hot in tourism


With the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry from sightseeing tourism to leisure and vacation tourism, the weather is getting warmer, and camping products in the tourism market are very hot, which makes the good partner of camping - RV into the field of vision of more people.

At present, the area of mainstream camping RVs in China ranges from 10 square meters to 50 square meters, and the conditions of RVs are better than that of tents. Data show that since the beginning of this year, the bookings of RV campsites on travel platforms have increased by 20% compared with the same period last year. Some online travel platforms have taken advantage of the situation to launch special RV travel products. According to reports, since the beginning of this year, the bookings of travel products including RVs have increased by 30% compared with last year.

With the development trend of domestic tourism consumption focusing on experience and personalization, especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, consumers' demand for safety and privacy has increased, and the "breaking circle" effect of RV travel is very obvious. Affected by the epidemic, consumers are more pursuing the tourism scene of "small gathering and large space", and RV tourism has attracted more attention. This reflects the increasing consumer demand for high-quality tourism products and diversified tourism destinations.

In recent years, the RV tourism has gradually emerged, and the number of RVs has grown from a few thousand 10 years ago to 200,000. Whether you are going to take an RV out for camping, your driving performance, comfort, and safety depend on the proper functionality of the suspension components. All of them should be in good condition to ensure a quiet and smooth ride regardless of road and weather conditions. Generally speaking, RV suspension parts are prone to wear and damage. 

As a professional suspension parts manufacturer, we always provide high quality suspension parts, like shock absorber bushing, leaf spring bushing, engine mount, shock mounting etc. Welcome RV manufacturers contact us work together.

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