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Why do off-road vehicles shock absorber need modification?

Why do off-road vehicles shock absorber need modification?


The modification of the off-road vehicle is to improve the performance of the off-road vehicle, so that the vehicle can better pass through many uneven road sections, and the owner can feel a better off-road experience. Therefore, the driving feeling of off-road vehicles is particularly important when passing through these road sections. A good suspension system can make the tires better feeling of control and improve the driver's comfort, and the shock absorber is the most important component of the suspension system. So how to modify the off-road vehicle shock absorber is very critical.

Some off-road vehicle owners have not yet reached a certain understanding of the modification of off-road vehicle shock absorbers, and many are keen to use the shock absorber of the original car. In fact, after the off-road vehicle is modified, many owners especially like to raise the vehicle body, then it is necessary to modify and replace the shock absorber. Today, we will introduce the function of the shock absorber of off-road vehicles and why it should be replaced.

First, the role of off-road vehicle shock absorbers.

During the driving process of the vehicle, due to its own motion and the ups and downs of the road surface, a large amount of vibration and shock will be generated. If these vibrations and impacts are directly transmitted to the car body without being resolved, in addition to affecting comfort, the tires will lose trackability when they encounter large bumps and impacts. Long-term vibration and impact will cause fatigue and premature damage to body parts.

Frankly speaking, the shock absorber is to relieve the impact on the car body and improve the stability when passing through some bumpy road sections. In theory, the ideal working state of the shock absorber is that a compression release cycle can just completely resolve the relative motion between the body and the suspension.

2.The basic structure and working principle of off-road vehicle shock absorbers

The basic components of the shock absorber are: working cylinder, piston, piston rod, throttle valve, and oil storage cylinder.

The working principle is: the piston rod pushes and pulls the piston to squeeze the liquid back and forth in the working cylinder for reciprocating motion, the throttle valve restricts the liquid flow and causes movement resistance, and converts the kinetic energy generated by the piston movement into heat energy to consume, thereby generating damping force to restrain the relative movement between the body and the suspension keeps the body smooth.

After understanding the shock absorber of off-road vehicles, we will explain the problem of refitting the body of off-road vehicles. Generally speaking, off-road vehicles will replace the shock absorbers after the body is raised. Why it needs to replace the shock absorber?

At present, there are many ways to raise the body of the off-road vehicle. There are two main ways: one is to install the cushion pad at the connection between the original suspension and the body to raise the body, and the other is to purchase the modified shock absorber and shock absorber spring to upgrade. 

The cost of installing the cushion pads is relatively low, but since the original shock absorbers are still used, the stability of the vehicle will be affected. The heightening through the shock absorber and the spring has obvious effect and is more scientific, and the price is also within the acceptable range.

The height of the off-road vehicle generally has a certain standard, but it still needs to be adjusted according to the overall performance of the off-road vehicle, and cannot be easily installed.

①For ordinary off-road enthusiasts, just choose low suspension (about 2 inches);

②If it is a competition car, it needs to be replaced with a reinforced suspension (more than 3 inches);

③ If you are a professional player who challenges the limit, you have to replace it with a size of more than 5 inches.

As for how to increase the height, please go to a professional modification shop to operate. Since the suspension of off-road vehicles is generally divided into different types such as independent suspension, leaf spring and rigid axle suspension, coil spring and rigid axle suspension, the heightening and modification methods of different models are also different, so they should be operated by professional maintenance and modification technicians. 

After raising the body of the off-road vehicle, we often replace the shock absorber, because the original shock absorber has been unable to provide the strength after 2-3 inches in terms of performance and length.

The height of the body is raised, and the rebound of the spring cannot be controlled without replacing the shock absorber. When the car encounters a rough road, there will be a serious bounce. When cornering, the vibration of the spring up and down will also cause the tire grip and tracking. As a result, the springs are longer, the shocks and vibrations are stronger, and the original shocks should of course be strengthen accordingly.

As an enthusiast who loves off-road vehicles, the performance of off-road vehicles is their weapon. How to pass the off-road section better depends on whether their weapon has enough lethality, and the shock absorber modification is exactly the weapon.

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