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When we need to replace the strut mount

When we need to replace the strut mount


When we need to replace the strut mount?

 If the car is driven for a long time, the chassis will feel loose. In fact, this loose feeling is a combination of after vibration and abnormal noise, which makes the cabin feel uncomfortable. The loose feeling of the chassis has little to do with the structure of the chassis itself. Maybe it is related to the grade of the suspension in many people's eyes, but in fact, it is more because of the different suspension adjustment parameters. Frame structure, the handling and comfort performance of the two may be different. Therefore, as long as the vehicle condition is deteriorated or the maintenance is improper, the advanced chassis will become loose one day, and whether it is loose or not is related to the components of the suspension system. The service life is directly related.

With the increase of vehicle age and mileage, some related chassis components will gradually age. In addition to the rubber bushing, the most critical component that affects the looseness of the chassis, in fact, the strut mount is also used to absorb the impact and vibration generated on the road, thus ensuring the driving texture and comfort of the chassis. Once the Strut mount is aged, it will not only make abnormal noises, but also the shock absorption effect will not be as good as before, which will make the handling performance of the car plummet.


Strut Mounts are the components that attach the suspension struts to the vehicle. In addition, it isolates the tire noise and vibration of the vehicle. The strut mounts like a sandwich. One side is bolted to the vehicle and the other side is bolted to the strut. In the middle is a rubber-like insulating material. So as the vehicle moves and rides over bumps, the up and down shocks push and pull on the stand. The role of the base is to cushion shocks to reduce shock effects, noise and vibrations that may be transmitted into the vehicle.


The strut mounts serve multiple purposes: First, they must hold the strut firmly in place and absorb some of the shock from road bumps.

Second, on many front struts, the mounts also include bearings to which the struts are attached. These bearings have one on each side of the vehicle and serve as steering pivots. Bearings are key components that affect the smoothness and responsiveness of steering motion.

Third, the strut mounts must provide good sound insulation, otherwise road noise and vibrations will pass through the struts and into the cabin. For this reason, the strut mounts have a rubber pad so there is no metal-to-metal contact between the strut and the body.


Why replace it?

There are two main reasons; aging changes the density of the insulating material, so more noise and vibration can be transmitted into the vehicle, and the bearing portion of the bracket wears out.


When to replace them?

A simple rule of thumb is that if the strut or coil spring is replaced due to age or wear, then replace the bracket as well. A worn or damaged base can cause various symptoms, so it should be checked by a qualified technician. Removing and replacing the bracket requires dismantling the entire strut and spring assembly. So replacing all worn components at the same time can save you from doing this work again.


How to tell if the bracket is worn out. Driving performance symptoms may include:

ding ding sound


Steering is loose, stiff or noisy

tire positioning

tire wear


Visual indications of worn brackets may be:

Loose or damaged components

Excessive exercise

Cracked or sagging rubber



Generally, there are two strut mount in a car. If one is damaged, do I need to replace both? In fact, if only one of the strut mount is damaged, it can be replaced separately, but it is best to replace both when replacing. This is because although the strut mount is not damaged, it will inevitably wear and crack after long-term use. If only one strut mount is replaced, it may cause an imbalance in the supporting force of the top rubber on both sides and affect the original performance. The top rubber is broken, do you need to replace it immediately? First of all, if the top rubber of the strut mount is damaged, the strut mount will make abnormal noises when it is working, and the direction of the car may be slightly deflected, making it difficult to return to the right and powerless to return to the right. At the same time, the top rubber of the strut mount loses its basic buffering effect. When working, it will transmit the absorbed vibration and impact from the frame to the cab, and when the steering wheel is moved, there will be obvious abnormal noises. To sum up, the impact of damage to the top rubber is still very large, so it should be replaced in time.


Therefore, we can choose to use OEM quality rubber chassis parts to avoid frequent replacement of shock absorption parts, after all, it is more troublesome to replace. GJ Bush is a very good choice for rubber bushing, engine mount and strut mount. 

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