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Why it is so important of rubber bush phosphorization process?

Why it is so important of rubber bush phosphorization process?


As a method of metal surface treatment, phosphating has the advantages of simple process, low cost, high efficiency, and good film layer. 

The important role of phosphating:

1. Improve corrosion resistance

Although the phosphating film is thin, because it is a non-metallic non-conductive isolation layer, it can transform the good conductor on the surface of the metal part into a bad conductor, inhibit the formation of microelectronics on the surface of the metal part, and effectively prevent the corrosion of the coating film.


2. Improve the adhesion between the substrate and the coating

The phosphating film and the metal part are a tightly integrated structure. There is no obvious boundary in between. The porosity of the phosphating film allows the sealant, paint, etc. to penetrate into these pores and tightly combine with the phosphating film, thereby improving the adhesion.

3. Provide a clean surface

Phosphating film can only grow on the surface of metal part without oil stains and rust layers. Therefore, the phosphated metal part can provide a clean, uniform, grease-free and rust-free surface.

Phosphating and general chemical reactions are carried out under a certain concentration, temperature and time. If the concentration is too high, the reaction is too fast, the phosphating solution and the metal skeleton will generate more precipitation, which not only wastes the phosphating solution but also produces a thicker phosphating film, which is not good for bonding. At the same time, the precipitation also pollutes the phosphating solution, causing white ash on the surface of the phosphating film; if the concentration is too low, the reaction is too slow, wasting electric energy, and is also detrimental to production efficiency. The effect of temperature and time on the quality of phosphating is the same.

Our GJ bush factory has its own phosphating production line, and all the rubber bushings production process are carried out in our factory, which can well control the progress of each process and ensure the stability of product quality. This is also an important reason why our products can win the trust of customers.

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