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Rubber Bushing Newly In Electric Scooter Industry

Rubber Bushing Newly In Electric Scooter Industry


As a new transportation tool, electric scooters have become popular throughout Europe, meeting the needs of commuting to and from get off work, and even shared electric scooters have emerged. Even due to the exploded Covid-19 in Europe, you may find the demand of bicycle and scooter is getting bigger. People can avoid the crowded bus or subway, and it's great for short commutes as well as errands. 

In the past, rubber bushings are mainly used in automotive suspension system, but with the improvement of people’s life quality, the demands for driver’s comfort and flexibility are getting higher and higher. So rubber bushes are becoming popular in electric scooter or electric mobile field.

As a new type of travel mode, electric scooters objectively broaden users' short-distance travel needs. Cities are densely populated, road resources are extremely limited, and travel demand is increasing. It is foreseeable that the capacity gap of urban public transportation will continue to expand. According to data, about 70% of travel demand is concentrated in 1-3 kilometers, and the average trip frequency of 3 kilometers per person is about twice per day. It can be seen that short-distance travel is a high-frequency demand and the market space is broad. If the efficiency can be doubled with a certain capacity, it will naturally reduce the number of vehicles on the road and save traffic resources.

Technology has changed travel. In the past, people's travel range was not large. Bicycles can basically meet short-distance travel. With the increasing expansion of cities, public transportation is becoming more and more perfect. However, public transportation cannot meet the short-distance travel demand of “stop to home”; Therefore, short-distance travel has become a major problem for urbanites, and the emergence of electric scooters has become a boon.

Let's take a look at the advantages of electric scooters. They are light and portable, and have strong endurance. They can meet the travel needs of 3-30KM, small body contains great energy. Electric scooters can not only improve traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions, but also solve the short-distance travel pain points of users. So the electric scooter market demand is getting bigger and bigger. And for us, rubber bush manufacturer, it also will be a very good opportunity in the future. 

We GJ bush factory is mainly focused on rubber bushes production, research and development over 20 years. Now we already worked with some big electric scooter manufacturers in China, welcome you join us and create bright future!

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