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Strut Mount Plays An Important Role

Strut Mount Plays An Important Role


Strut Mount Plays An Important Role

The shock absorber of a car is composed of a spring and a shock absorber. The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the car body, but to suppress the shock when the spring rebounds after absorbing the shock and absorb the energy of the road impact. The shock absorber spring plays the role of mitigating the impact, changing the "high energy one shock" into "small energy multiple shocks", while the shock absorber gradually reduces the "small energy multiple shocks". Without a shock absorber, the rebound of the spring cannot be controlled. When the car encounters a rough road, it will have a serious bounce.


The shock absorber strut mount is the last part of reducing vibration, which helps the spring to reduce the impact when the spring is working. When the spring is pressed to the end, you will generally feel a relatively strong impact from the wheel. When the strut mount is still good, the impact sound is "pop", when the strut mount fails, the impact sound is "dangdang". And when the impact force is very high, it will not only cause damage to the shock absorber, but also may cause deformation of the wheel hub.


The function of the rubber strut mount:


Firstly, it is used to buffer the impact of the shock absorber spring and the auto body. When d riving on uneven roads, each strut mount bears more than a quarter of the weight of the auto body;


Secondly, when you pass the speed bump, it will adjust the body of your car after the tires of your car have completely landed to maintain the car, and you will feel comfortable;


In addition, the strut mount of the shock absorber has sound insulation effect, which can reduce the tire noise generated by the tire and the ground. And when the car passes through a bumpy road, it can also reduce the direct impact on the car.


It is important to know that the performance of the broken strut mount may cause the tire noise to become louder. In severe cases, you can hear the rumbling sound; the simplest way to judge is the poor comfort, and when the speed bump is passed, it will make a "boom" sound, and the sound is obvious.


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