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The important role of rubber in the bushing

The important role of rubber in the bushing


Rubber is the raw material that the bushing must use. The bushing is a combination of rubber and steel pipe. With the addition of rubber, the bushing is perfect. The perfect bushing fully reduces the vibration of the car.

Why is rubber important? Because the rubber formula is not good, the quality of the rubber is not up to the standard, the rubber and the steel pipe cannot be glued together well, and the product may have the possibility of degumming and cracking. The bonding of metals and non-metals involves many aspects, such as surface treatment of metal, adhesive spraying, rubber mixing and vulcanization processes. It is a systematic technical test. The product cannot meet the qualified standard. So the rubber formula is crucial.

A perfectly formulated rubber is a good quality rubber. The rheological test of rubber and the hardness must be qualified, and the bushings we made can meet the qualified standards. Fully achieve the effect of shock absorption, a good bushing can also helps the car to a comfortable effect.

The quality of the bushings of our GJBUSH bushing factory is very good, because our rubber is very good, with customized rubber formula.

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