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the aging of the suspension rubber sleeve

the aging of the suspension rubber sleeve


The abnormal noise does not necessarily come from the engine system-it may be the aging of the suspension rubber sleeve

Don’t judge that the power system is in trouble as soon as you hear the metal percussion. No one can guarantee that the road is absolutely flat, so driving on uneven road is undoubtedly a good opportunity to test the vehicle's shock absorption level: Is it possible to filter out the vibration well? Can the body not feel loose, and can the noise of the road be well isolated from the compartment? The problems are testing the entire suspension system.


In fact, even a small vibration will expose some problems: for example, when you pass a speed bump, a stone road or a dirt road, you will hear a metal knocking sound, especially if it is relatively long and potholes are relatively large. On the road surface, this sound will continue to appear, and in severe cases, it will continue to transmit vibrations to the steering wheel.


This discordant sound is not the fault of the tires, nor the inadequacy of the shock absorbers. It is often caused by the aging of the rubber sleeve of the suspension system.


If you hear this kind of noise, don't be alarmed, because the sound does not come from the engine and transmission system, but from the suspension system that connects the wheels-the suspension rubber sleeve is aging.


The noise mentioned above is caused by the aging of the rubber sleeve, which cannot play the role of shock absorption, which causes the metal to collide with each other. This problem is not only caused by the four-wheel suspension, but also the rubber sleeves at the joints of the steering gear and the steering rod will be aging.


However, even if the rubber sleeve of the vehicle is aging, there is no need to worry, because this is a normal phenomenon, and besides the more annoying noise, it will not affect the driving safety. But if it is not repaired for a long time, it will accelerate the wear of these metal parts. When the wear is extremely severe, there will be certain hidden dangers.


There is only one solution to the problem of aging of the rubber sleeve-replace it with a new one! It is currently not possible to manually distinguish which suspension rubber sleeve is making the noise, or which connecting rod can be replaced separately to solve the problem, so it is recommended that when replacing it, in addition to it is obvious that there is an extremely prominent damage to the separate connecting rod rubber sleeve. During maintenance, the coaxial connecting rods on both sides are generally replaced together to avoid only replacing the connecting rod that is guessed by feeling and experience.


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